Jan 11

​Architecture and Urbanism (DRL) MArch Final Jury (Day 1)

The Design Research Laboratory (DRL) has been at the forefront of design experimentation for the past 20 years, pioneering advanced methods in design, computation and manufacturing, and is based on an evolving framework of three-year research cycles that interrogate architecture and urbanism from the city-scale to the nano-scale. Led by innovators in the fields of architecture, design and engineering, DRL pursues an interdisciplinary approach to design that extends beyond architecture, fostering collaboration with companies such as Ferrari, Festo, AKTII, Reider and Odico Robotics. The lab remains a space of cooperation and curiosity, and seeks to develop the next generation of architects who will actively engage with and influence the field. Distinguished graduates have gone on to establish offices, lead advanced research groups and teach at schools worldwide.

Watch presentations at the MArch Juries for the AA’s Architecture and Urbanism (DRL) Postgraduate Programme.

Thursday 14 January 2021
12:00 – 18:00

Source: AA School of Architecture