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Fev 19

Colonialist heritage and Environmental injustice

The crisis we are facing today links social and ecological injustice to colonial heritage. For centuries now, it has been common practice for Western countries to dictate to so-called developing countries how to farm their land, construct their buildings, rule their people, manage their economies. Neoliberal political systems inherited from colonisation have an intrinsic role …

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Jan 19

A Neuro Diverse Approach to Design and Architecture

18 projects in 30 years. As a dyslexic designer, Ab Rogers has spent 30 years perfecting his dyslexia and this talk offers an insight into a design career with a neuro-diverse slant. It will cover the importance of experimentation, education, being hands on and believing in your medium, of failure and its role in learning …

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Jan 05

Before You Ask How, Ask What. Before You Ask What, Ask Why.

In this Emergent Technologies and Design keynote lecture, Mike Cook reconsiders the role of architects and engineers in a world that is changing at a seemingly suicidal pace. Mike Cook(MA, PhD, CEng, FREng, Hon EngD, FIStructE) is a distinguished structural engineer. He was elected Chairman of Buro Happold from 2011 to 2017 and in 2020 …

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Dez 11

The law of withdrawal

The idea of protocols of withdrawal seems to refer to the condition of the pandemics but it is not so. On the contrary it leads here to a definition of the city’s normality pre-existing the pandemics and addressing the future after it; through an investigation about urban withdrawal we are oriented towards a systematic theory …

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Nov 27

Space In the Mind of a Machine

Perception of space – whether it is physical, digital, topological, quantum, or hyper – requires particular kinds of interactive and cognitive processes through which we become aware of the relative positions of objects around us. Our techno-aesthetic inquiries into how we make sense of spaces focus on revealing numerous meanings of this awareness from the …

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Nov 24


The work of British artist Ed Fornieles examines the habits, rules and protocols of 21st century culture, including the internet, social media, digital economies and sitcom architecture, through which we come to define ourselves and within which our identities are made up and made real. His work comprises installation, sculpture, performance and video, and has …

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Nov 17

A New Model for Public Art

New Models is a lecture series that invites practitioners from different disciplines to discuss how their work can change the models around which society is organised. These conversations will address how we can shift power structures, socio-economic forces and structural inequalities present in society today to give us new tools to rethink the world around …

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Nov 06

Ana Nicolaescu and Sebastian Tiew

Related Events This talk will use Cream’s past and ongoing visual arts projects as starting points into wider critical considerations about the making of immersive digital projects today. Organised as a behind the scenes show and tell, we will talk about art historical perspectives on game engines, the complications with Too Much Tech, authorship in …

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Out 29

An exhibition in partnership with Japan House London

Stop making architecture for humans, for a secondImagine our cities without non-humansOr one without humansAnd think of a less of human-city and ponderHas it ever really been about humans? In parallel with the Architecture for Dogs exhibition on display at Japan House London is an interactive display of architectural pieces designed for dogs that will …

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