Fev 11

AA Gallery – Exhibitions

Curated by Moad Musbahi as part of ‘In 20/20’, a programme directed by Ana Maria Nicolaescu
AA Gallery
23/1/2020 – 21/2/2020
24 January until 21 February inclusive.

Private View on Thursday 23 January

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10.00 – 18.00

For Farocki, the distinction between the documentary and the fictional film lay in the movement of the camera as it tracks its subject: the subject is unpredictable, the documentarian pursues. At times the image is missed by a few frames. The perspective is corrected and returned. This logic of pursuit in Harun Farocki’s Parallel 1-4 (2012-2014) is tested as the camera disappears in the face of the computer-generated images that are being documented. What is being tracked here is not a visible subject as such, but the operational figure of the coder, of the hardware engineer. The missed frames are replaced by the simulation error, the badly executed routine, when the reality-effect momentarily slips away from the real.

Source: AA School of Architecture