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The Space of the Image

Masterclass with Wang Bing

This masterclass is the fourth session of the Sensitive Observations Seminar Series hosted by AA Diploma Unit 16: Homo Urbanus taught by Ila Beka, Louise Lemoine, and Gili Merin.

Major filmmaker of our times, Wang Bing is internationally acclaimed for his documentaries that show the downsides and indirect repercussions of the rapid and profound changes in contemporary Chinese society.

Through excerpts of some of his most well-known films (“West of the tracks”, “The Three Sisters”, “The Ditch” and “Man with No Name”), Wang Bing will look back on 20 years of intense and radical artistic commitment, discussing his working methodology and specific understanding of documentary filmmaking. Through patient attention and subtle listening to the slightest gesture and inflection of body language, Wang Bing’s cinema plunges us as close as possible in the daily intimacy of anonymous people, in fragile and precarious situations, usually invisible and left out of the scope of official representation.

Sensitive Observations

Date:Tuesday 23 February 2021


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Source: AA School of Architecture