Jul 31


A Blue Dilemma
August 2021 (online) December 2021 (on -site)

The School’s agenda explores the intersection of climate change and heritage whilst reflecting on new modes of representation. The continuous reshaping of the flow of rivers is both a cause and effect of human patterns of behaviour that have reshaped settlements at its shoreline throughout history. Today the course of the Nile is being altered once more through new urban developments and climate change posing a threat to sites adjacent to its riverbed. The School studies the challenges posed by climate change through the chosen site at Meroe and the ongoing alterations of water passages. Participants will engage with invited anthropologists, architects, artists, bioarchaeologist, community initiatives, and historians through lectures, seminars, studios and workshops. The School is structured around three modules. The first module: explores various aspects of mapping climate change. The second module: delves into the intersection of climate change and heritage at the site to draw lessons from historical cycles of environmental challenges. The last module: is oriented towards the production of models and drawings.

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Source: AA School of Architecture