Jan 18

Neave Brown: Building a Piece of City

Mark Swenarton, organised by Experimental 17

Neave Brown is widely regarded as greatest housing architect of the twentieth century in Britain. In the 1960s and 70s he designed three street-based schemes in Camden that continue to command attention to this day. First came Winscombe Street, for a small housing co-op, and then the progressively larger Fleet Road and Alexandra Road, both for Camden council, to which he was recruited by the inspirational Sydney Cook. In these schemes Brown rejected the tabula rasa modernism of high rise and in its place proposed a new form of housing based on the streets and squares of eighteen-century London. This talk will look at the main elements of this radical approach and consider its relevance for today.

Mark Swenarton is an architectural historian and critic and the author of Cook’s Camden (2017). He was formerly founding editor of Architecture Today and head of the architecture school at Oxford Brookes University and is now emeritus professor of architecture at Liverpool University. His other books include Homes fit for Heroes(1981/2018) and Architecture and the Welfare State(2015).

Date: Friday 21 January 2022

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Location: Zoom Book Now

Source: AA School of Architecture