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Jul 19

Pancho Guedes, Sculpting a New Africa

Amancio d'Alpoim Miranda Guedes, known as Pancho Guedes was an architect, painter, sculptor, and educator that is revered as one of the earliest post-modernist architects in Africa. Throughout his career, he has contributed to more than 500 building designs which were often characterized as eclectic, bringing together Lusophone African influence with his unique surrealist and …

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Jul 05

Democracia de Leonel Moura

             A “Democracia” de Leonel Moura no Templo “Nossa Senhora dos Resolveres” de Pancho Miranda Guedes instalado no espaço Troufa Real-UKUMA no Parque das Nações, Lisboa. Fotografia: Fátima António, Arquitecta

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